Company background information

Oakley Greenwood is a Brisbane based high profile consultancy organization specializing in the energy and water industries.

During its first four years of operation, the company has earned an enviable reputation as the go-to contacts for up to the minute advice on any commercial energy and water issues.

With a growing workforce and a rapidly expanding portfolio of clients, a key business requirement emerged to update the technology available to support this successful team.

Oakley Greenwood’s management board debated the options available and selected Office 365 as the system which they felt best met the company’s needs. This however led to concerns by managers and the general workforce about what would be involved in this data migration Brisbane project.

Jim Snow, Executive Director of Oakley Greenwood describes how the assistance they received from Officelinks was a critical success factor in this data migration Brisbane process.

The client’s perspective

“My name is Jim Snow and I am proud to be the Executive Director of Oakley Greenwood. Now while I have no problem talking to a room full of experts about national energy policy, when it comes to IT projects, I get more than a little nervous.

“We probably all have experience of the challenges associated with implementing a new IT system and when my company decided to undertake this data migration Brisbane project, I expected to face months of upheaval. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

“In fact, we managed to achieve a successful and straightforward transition to Office 365 because we made a crucial decision to partner with Officelinks, a professional IT consultancy company.

 “Richard and his team added value from the outset by helping us plan for the data migration Brisbane we required.  He talked with us in detail about our business requirements and then helped us put together a sensible plan and realistic timescale. He also assessed our training and IT support requirements.

“We have a great team here at Oakley Greenwood who I knew would really benefit from the new system. But it’s only human to have concerns about IT changes.  Richard anticipated these concerns and helped us develop an approach to address them.

“Richard prioritized the training for our system administrator which included face to face meetings as well as online meeting.

“He then put together a user friendly briefing note, which was emailed to all staff. This let them know what was happening, when changes would occur and what these changes would mean. The note was followed up with a half day workshop giving staff the chance to physically get to grips with Office 365.

 “We’ve had great feedback from staff especially about new features, such as sharing contacts, holding online meetings on multiple devices, screen sharing and real-time note taking. They’ve been equally positive about the training and IT support provided by Officelinks.

“We have had some minor bumps in the road including issues around configuring certain mobile devices to use Office 365. Thankfully these issues were easily addressed by the service desk Officelinks provided as part of our data migration Brisbane package.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Richard Chang and the Officelinks team to any company with an ICT issue to resolve. “

Next steps

Officelinks is currently offering a free 30 minute one to one consultation session for anyone wanting to find out how to integrate Office 365 into their organization, so book today. Get a sneak preview of what is possible by clicking here right now for a short online demonstration of Virtual Office.

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