Automated Phone System for Utility Utility Company Account information
Enter meter reading
Request a billing statement
Report an outage
Make/Cancel a payment
Payment reminder
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Aged Care Call Automated morning call Personalised message Aged Care -
Check well-being and safty
Activate emergency procedure Reduce risk of an accident or sudden illness
SMS Email Recorded phone message Early Warning Alert Service Send Alerts Via Automate Customer Support After your customers select options from
the phone menu, the integrated phone system
will obtain relevant information from database
and response to your customer.

Automated Phone System

Employee Absence

When employees call-in sick or absent, the automated phone answering system takes the calls and asks them to key-in identification and leave a message. The automated phone answering system records the call and send an email notification to the employee’s manager or supervisor

Job Recorder

Users utilise an automated phone answering system log job start and end times.

The automated phone answering system is applicable to those businesses that require remote workers to sign in and sign out, or to clock the start time and end time of a job, task, or site visit

Weekly Timesheet

An automated phone answering system asks caller to key-in contractor ID number, security PIN, week ending date and total hours worked for the week. The  automated phone answering system stores confirmed worked hours to the database.  The system can report all contractors work hours for specific week.

Phone Poll

Radio and TV stations uses call-in voting system which asks callers a question and offers a choice of possible answer.

After caller enters their choice, the call-in voting system transfer the total number of votes for each possible answer to a voting database. This type of call-in voting system is used to generate opinion polls, determine top 10 singers, top 3 candidates, etc.

Phone Quiz

Radio and TV stations use call-in quiz system for call-in competition. The telephone answering system asks callers a question and offers a choice of possible answers. The callers will be asked to leave their name and contact phone number before asking them to choose an answer. The automated phone answering system stores the contact details of all callers and then create a report that indicates who gave the correct answer.

Meter Reader

Utility companies use a automated phone answering system that allows customers to supply their own meter readings. The phone answering system asks callers to enter their customer ID number and current meter reading. This information will be then saved to company’s database .

Data Collector

An automated telephone answering system could be utilised to collect clinical trial data, remote field station data, remote work site data, etc.

The automated telephone answering system asks the caller to enter and ID number, and then to enter parameter numbers and values (ex. Client’s temperature, soil PH, water PH, blood pressure). The automated phone answering system transfer collected data to any integrated database.