Phone Verification

The best way to make sure your visitor’s phone number is correct is to verify it. Automated Phone Verification is the most advanced method to help you to verify your user’s phone number.

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Automated Phone System

Dealing with more than 100 inbound or out-bound call per day can be labour intensive. Officelinks can help you to design and implement phone automation system to deal with large number of inbound and outbound calls

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Office 365 Brisbane

Office 365

Working together is easier with Office 365. It is secure, scalable and enable anywhere access to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, conferencing, and file sharing

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leadership-meeting-workWhether you are a CEO of large corporation, Managing Director of a large private company or a self-employed entrepreneur of an expanding business, we understand that you face many challenges every day. And it is your challenges of continuously improving business performance that gets us out of bed to develop cutting edge business solutions. That’s WHY we are in business.

Combining years of experience in consulting, coaching and mentoring over 500 businesses and building a mass of knowledge and skill through many business industries, together with expertise in the latest technologies and advancements in IT, we are capable of assisting you to analyse, conceptualise, design and construct solutions that result in significant advancements in business efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether your needs are specific tools and processes such as having Key Performance Indicator Dashboards at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; or implementing web based tools that brings your company’s policies, procedures and standard documents to the coal face of your people; OR developing strategic processes, coaching key leaders in your organisation, ENACT is well positioned to partner you in your endeavours to be a business built on a code of high performance achievement.

We believe that business success is driven by many things however ensuring that you are building a business based on strong performance structures, highly efficient and effective systems and measurement tools such as performance metrics, gives you the edge to be a dynamic organisation with a highly motivated and focused team.

ICT Consultant Brisbane

Welcome to our performance portal where our aim is to inspire you to seriously look at how you can systematically address your business challenges. Please, talk to us. We are experts in helping business remove the cloudiness and find the clarity through the latest in business thinking combined with the smarts of cutting edge technology.