office 365 helpMost company have two type of files in the organisation. They are company shared files and personal files.

In this post, we will discuss company shared files.
The purpose of company shared files is to be accessed by the authorised users.

Traditionally, copmany have have a file server to share documents internally. It normally cost couple of thousands for the initial setup, however to manage the file server, security, firewall, upgrading, permssion access and backup could easily consume your IT managment effort from 4hours up to 12 hours per week at ongoing bases.

If you are looking for company shared files solution, one of the Office 365 feature Sharepoint should be on your list.

Couple of key features that Sharepoint will serve your needs:

  • Company file sharing
  • User Permission access
  • Online access
  • Offline access
  • Backup
  • Filewall
  • Upgrade
  • Version Control

Check out how simple you can setup a computer to connect to the sharepoint.

What you need:

  • Office 365 account
  • Sharepoint URL
  • Installed SkyDrive Pro

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