Benefits of Using Cloud Services for Your Consulting Business Model

When operating a professional consulting business, being able to utilize cloud services consulting tools will help you manage your time and efforts efficiently. As a consultant, you may have clients all over the country or even the world, but cannot be everywhere at the same time. Utilizing a virtual office will help you run your business from anywhere without experiencing any downtime. Another advantage of having a cloud services consulting business strategy is the retention and attraction of new clients. Knowing you are able to assist them any time of the day or night is a perk that will put you ahead of your competition. How can cloud services benefit you? Here are a few ways:

Increase productivity

Your productivity will increase tremendously because you will be able to work around the clock, having your information accessible to you at any time.

Book meeting rooms

Your assistant or colleagues will be able to look at the main schedule and book online meeting rooms that can conduct virtual meetings. You can be in China and the rest of your staff can be in the Australia and the meeting can go on without interruption.

Calendar sharing

You can share your calendar with your colleagues and your office so that everyone will be on the same page.

File access

Being able to access files is crucial. You will be able to access your files online whether you have staff available or not. No more waiting for documents. You can get them yourself. This increases efficiency, productivity and professionalism.

File sharing

You can draft a document and save it on the cloud drive so that everyone who needs to see the document will have instant access. Documents can be edited and re-saved over and over again with autometic version control.

Screen sharing

Sometimes your colleagues or assistant needs to “see” what you are referring to. Screen sharing allows that to happen. This is also a good feature to have when you are conducting an online meeting so that everyone can get a visual of your position.


Operating in the cloud allows consistent collaboration. With file access and sharing, documentation will always be up-to-date at any time of day. Individuals will be able to open the file and work together from any location to make it all come together.

Contacts sharing

If you’re in a meeting but your assistant or someone in your office needs an important phone number, getting the information is easy through contacts sharing. You can lock the numbers that are not business related and provide access to those that are relevant.

Accessibility (working online and offline)

Being able to get to your files, documents, contacts and more whether you are on or offline is one of the main points of having a cloud services consulting element in your business structure. Your work will never be interrupted and you will always be “on” and able to get your job done.

These are a few ways in which using the cloud can greatly enhance your business model. Efficiency and productivity will seamlessly work at optimal levels when employing these tools. Staying ahead of the curve will show your clients that you are tech-savvy, a guru in cloud services consulting, and able to advise them well.

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