Brilliant Ways to Access Files Online / Offline in Office 365 services

In computing, an office suite, or productivity suite, is a collection of productivity programs utilized by company workers. They are intended to interact together transparently and seamlessly without regard to the operating system being used.

Traditionally these suites can include programs to create and manage email, documents, spreadsheets, presentation materials, desktop publishing, and management of a company’s online presence.

While there is a variety of products to choose from in this product segment, with the advent of cloud computing (your data managed, accessible and stored off site), the clear choice in this realm is the cloud based Microsoft Office 365.

Perfect for start-ups, fast growing companies, or organizations with widely dispersed divisions or offices, Office 365 offers significant advantages over similar products that would be installed and managed in each and every PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device owned by an organization.

Available in different versions dependent upon the size of your company, Office 365 business services offer the following upsides:

Mobility – take the office anywhere. Your employees will have access to data and in-progress works where ever they have access to the internet. If they can get online, they can access any work the company chooses to share with them.

Security –  A shift to the cloud with some companies has been slowed by concerns about security, but Office 365 was built from the ground up with security in mind. Antivirus and security programs are kept up to date 24/7.

Familiarity – Like an old friend, the Office 365 business services tools are the same ones that most employees have worked with in the past.

The Latest Versions –  Using localized productivity suites at your business location, updates come on an annual or other calendar basis; new versions require re-installs, and updates have to be managed to make sure every station has the current version. With Office 365, you don’t have to worry about updates or new versions, the cloud-based programs are updated as often as needed automatically.

ROI – Using Office 365 is not only easy to implement, but the per user cost is generally lower than site licenses for conventional software.  Check how Brsibane Business use Office 365 to gain productivity and greater ROI. 

Collaborating – The tools of the suite allow for collaboration and sharing by designated employees. Endless emails are a thing of the past as colleagues will be able to work on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations as teams, live, regardless of their physical location or time zone.

Your Personal Data Library OneDrive (Skydrive Pro) gives you access to storing and organizing your work documents, separate from the workplace. As with all Office 365’s tools, Skydrive is hardware agnostic. Use it anywhere, on virtually any piece of hardware.

ENACT Smart Business System can help you get up and running with Office 365 business services quickly, with configurations designed to suit your specific business needs. To learn more about the advantages of “your complete office in the cloud,” grab ENACT’s free ebook on the solutions and advantages offered by Microsoft’s Office 365.

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