KPI Consulting Services


KPI Dashboard Features

  • Individual reports for all your key business departments.
  • Accessible wherever you have an internet connection
  • Benchmark performance and compare variations
  • Negative results are automatically highlighted in red
  • Security control with multiple access levels
  • Statistical data with graphical trend and ratio analysis of key performance measures
  • Build your historical performance and compare month by month, year by year
  • Highest secure cloud technology
  • Align your business plan to performance measures

Integrating Systems

ENACT ICT’s team of expert database     programmers will work with you to discover the ability to fully integrate your raw data collection systems and the KPI Dashboard Platform.

But do not be concerned if your systems are not overly sophisticated and/or disjointed. Our IT team and Business Analysts will guide you and provide solutions so that full automation can occur


ENACT Business works with your team to identify which Key Performance Indicators really make the difference. Your KPI Dashboard will be like no other in the business world ….. Absolutely unique to your business!


We start by evaluating your current leaders “tools at hand” that allows them to know what their success   metrics are and how they are able to monitor, analyse and make decisions to meet your annual corporate  objectives


Experts in this field conduct workshops with your leaders and key employees to identify the opportunity of  improving the information flow and therefore the design of their KPI   Dashboards. Often the result is sharp intense focus on the true success   metrics of their area of the business


Do you have your metrics at your fingertips?

We design tailor made Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards to give you and your management team pivotal decision making power

We live in an era where information abounds us but has it given your team any greater ability to make the right decisions? We take you on a journey to identify the true metrics that are the formula to your business success., in each key area of your business.

Imagine this; as CEO, you are on a vital overseas business trip. Back home, a series of key marketing campaigns have been launched. Simultaneously a large client is about to receive their first large order and finance has informed you that cash will be tight over the next three weeks.

With your LIVE KPI Dashboard, available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world you are able to monitor explicit data and results of all that is going on, giving you the ability to communicate concisely with your management team.

Don’t leave home without your Dashboard

Tailor made KPI Dashboard for marketing, sales, operations, finance, administration, human resources and IT Performance …. and more!

Why wait for reports and delayed information when you need it now!

Today’s rapidly moving world requires cutting edge CEO’s and managers to have their finger on the pulse. With your tailor designed Dashboard reports you do not need to wait for the marketing, sales, finance or operational report at the end of the month ………….. because you have it now!

  • CEO—view all departmental reports
  • General Managers gain   access to their departmental reports
  • Produce reports instantly by current month, last month, last quarter, last year or enter your required reporting period
  • Focus your team by “managing the red”.Indicators that are not meeting their benchmarks



  • The benefits for you and your team …………… actually, the business overall are profound and include:
  • Team focus on your success metrics (this may seem obvious but you would be amazed at how the workshop process challenges your key personnel’s thinking)
  • By determining your success metrics, strategy in your planning process is explicitly developed for specific quantifiable outcomes
  • Throughout your financial year, managers become much more efficient and effective by managing to “remove the red” ( the automatic highlighted negatives in the KPI Performance Dashboard reports)
  • Culturally, organisation’s who manage their business to continually improve their KPI Metrics, develop a culture of “maximum performance”
  • 24 / 7 access to your KPI Dashboard from anywhere in the world
  • Highest security and backup systems to protect your data and historical records


If you are a cutting edge leader then you will identify a great opportunity to introduce your organization to “Performance by   Metric Management”.

Our next step is to take your enquiry and discuss an appropriate time to conduct our onsite KPI Evaluation Process. From this process we will provide you with a detailed report outlining where opportunities exist for your team to gain greater control over their success metrics.

Call us now and let’s work together to produce YOUR custom made KPI Performance Dashboard that will change your management environment forever.

Said simply:

A tool that every high performance leader must have


No matter where you are or where you go, you have the power of knowledge at your finger tips ……. 24/7 !