Integrated Phone Systems for Utility Company

Integrated Phone System for Utility Company

Typical Benefits

  • Integrated Phone System offers 24/7 self-services
  • Better customer services – after caller chooses an option to speak with customer representative, the call will be transferred to your in-house or outsourced call centre
  • Directing your customer’s calls naturally – The system can recognise human language. For example, “pay my bill”
  • Time-saving option – enhanced self-service options to your customers such as meter read, balance check and more.
  • Less waiting on hold – a call-back options will be provided to caller if the wait time is longer than normal

Integrated IVR Solution for Utility

Typical Features

  • Integration with your CRM database
  • Integration with your call centre
  • Account information
  • Make/Cancel a payment
  • Request a payment extension
  • Balanced Billing enrollment/de-enrollment
  • Request a billing statement
  • Deferred Payment Arrangements
  • Enter a meter reading
  • Report an outage
  • Customer service/payment locations
  • Update/add a phone number


Outbound IVR Features

  • Increase debt collection rate through friendly collection reminder
  • Reduce customer waiting time through call back function
  • Power / water / gas outage notification

Integrated Phone System with your system

  • CRM Database
  • ERP Database
  • Call Centre Workflow
  • Billing System
  • Payment gateway
  • Email system