Automated Phone System for Utility Utility Company Account information
Enter meter reading
Request a billing statement
Report an outage
Make/Cancel a payment
Payment reminder
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Aged Care Call Automated morning call Personalised message Aged Care -
Check well-being and safty
Activate emergency procedure Reduce risk of an accident or sudden illness
SMS Email Recorded phone message Early Warning Alert Service Send Alerts Via Automate Customer Support After your customers select options from
the phone menu, the integrated phone system
will obtain relevant information from database
and response to your customer.

Integrated Phone System for Utility Company

Typical Benefits

  • Integrated Phone System offers 24/7 self-services
  • Better customer services – after caller chooses an option to speak with customer representative, the call will be transferred to your in-house or outsourced call centre
  • Directing your customer’s calls naturally – The system can recognise human language. For example, “pay my bill”
  • Time-saving option – enhanced self-service options to your customers such as meter read, balance check and more.
  • Less waiting on hold – a call-back options will be provided to caller if the wait time is longer than normal

Integrated IVR Solution for Utility

Typical Features

  • Integration with your CRM database
  • Integration with your call centre
  • Account information
  • Make/Cancel a payment
  • Request a payment extension
  • Balanced Billing enrollment/de-enrollment
  • Request a billing statement
  • Deferred Payment Arrangements
  • Enter a meter reading
  • Report an outage
  • Customer service/payment locations
  • Update/add a phone number


Outbound IVR Features

  • Increase debt collection rate through friendly collection reminder
  • Reduce customer waiting time through call back function
  • Power / water / gas outage notification

Integrated Phone System with your system

  • CRM Database
  • ERP Database
  • Call Centre Workflow
  • Billing System
  • Payment gateway
  • Email system