Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marekting that Delivers

Our goal isn’t just to create web content or produce white papers: ENACT is here to grow your business.

That means we’re not just an outside provider you hire to carry out specific tasks. We want to be a part of your team, putting our proven methodology to work to achieve your goals.  We’ll help you assess your current marketing, identify the gaps between your current marketing plan and your growth priorities and then develop and implement a 12-month inbound marketing strategy that promotes the business you’re building.


Inbound Marketing Has Taken Centre Stage

Consumers are abandoning traditional sources of product and service information.  More than 60% routinely turn to the Internet to conduct their own research before visiting a store or making a telephone call—and that number is growing steadily.



With that in mind, marketers across industries are shifting their budgets toward inbound marketing. One recent study showed that budgets for inbound marketing strategies have grown by 50% in each of the past three years.

What Does ENACT Mean by “Inbound Marketing”?

Inbound marketing is all about drawing prospects to you. Some key approaches include attracting visitors to your website with quality content, converting them with premium content and implementing automated marketing systems to nurture leads before handing them off to your sales team.

The precise composition of your inbound marketing plan depends on you. Your business is unique, and our mission is to design the right plan to help you achieve your goals.

Full-Service Inbound Marketing

We understand that a successful marketing campaign can only be developed within the context of your business model and your larger marketing plan. That’s why we integrate with your marketing team to learn about your business and then offer you the expertise you need in any area of inbound marketing, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog Strategy and Content Creation
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
  • Marketing Automation to Aid Sales Growth
  • Lead Conversion through Premium Content
  • Marketing Tracking and Analysis

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Monthly retainer services available, so you can rely on us as a regular part of your marketing team.

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Priced to Fit Your Business

Our programs are built around one principle: generating a return on your marketing investment. We don’t tally up hours or invoice on a per-service basis. Instead, we’ve designed customizable packages to meet your goals.

Inbound Marketing Game Plan Development: Starting at $4,500.

Campaign Development: Standard & Custom Solutions.

Monthly Retainer Programs: Starting at $3,500 / month:

  • Influencer: Entry-level inbound marketing services.
  • Impacter: Advanced-level inbound marketing services.
  • Dominator: Enterprise-level inbound marketing services.

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Getting Started with ENACT

We’ve created a thorough and efficient system for getting to know your business and accelerating results. Here’s what happens after you sign on with ENACT:

  1. Free Inbound Marketing Assessment: We’ll analyse your existing marketing plan and execution and provide an assessment as to how inbound marketing can best be integrated to achieve your goals.
  2. Goal Setting Session: During this one-hour scheduled call, we’ll define your company’s timelines, requirements, resources and budget so that every action is targeted toward your goals and progress is readily measurable.
  3. Development of an Inbound Marketing GamePlan: We’ll create a customized 12-month inbound marketing strategy with clear action steps to achieve your goals.
  4. Campaign Development: We’ll assist with implementation of your customized inbound marketing plan, from moving your business into the advanced marketing platform and building your blog to creating offers, optimized landing pages and search engine optimized web content and ensuring that your site is responsive to visitors from all devices.
  5. Monthly Retainer Services: On our monthly retainer plan, we’ll work with you to drive quality traffic to your website, keep your sales pipeline full, optimize content for both users and search engines, train your team and track and analyse your returns.

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