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With over twenty years of management experience, the last thirteen as a management consultant, our team leader Trevor Holmes is supported by a team of enthusiastic business analysts. The ENACT Business Architecture is the foundation of this service after it was first authored by Trevor in the year 2000.


ENACT Business Architects has serviced in excess of five hundred businesses from start-ups to major corporations. Our services include:

  • Business Performance Audit
  • KPI Dashboard Implementation
  • Annual Strategic Workshops

  •  Business Blueprint Program
  • Senior Management Mentoring
  • Financial Systems Enhancement

  • Franchising Development
  • Policy & Procedures Design
  • Sales Cycle Development

  • ENACT Business Growth Program
  • Business Feasibility Studies
  • Venture Capital Requirements

The central component that drives Business Architecture is the belief that by implementing a culture of developing Structure, Systems and Measurement, as the pillars of survival and growth, a business increases its probability of meeting all stakeholder expectations. What is meant by Structure, Systems and Measurement?

Imagine this:

Imagine you had a well-developed strategic business plan in place where every person in the business knew and understood the objectives, key strategies, responsibilities and accountabilities. Not just any strategic plan, but one that has been developed with real thought, lateral thinking, analysis and systematic process

Imagine your areas of responsibility and accountability of HOW the plan is going to be implemented; the fact that your people know WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN

This is excellent structure that many businesses fail to develop and implement well. Not because they do not value this in their organisation; often because they have felt it is beyond them, not necessary or simply have not been able to find the expertise or time to assist them to achieve this level of strategic and structural focus.


Imagine this:

Your processes, policies and standard documents (yes all hundreds or even thousands of them) have not only been documented; but they have also been coded with an individual coding system unique to your business; your teams have taken upon themselves to seek how their current processes can be improved for the customer experience; they are looking to discover HOW technology can assist them to automate processes (resulting in both efficiency gains and improved effectiveness which leads to greater customer satisfaction) and take ownership to build the unique formula that makes your business a pleasure to deal with.

But also imagine the value you are adding by building your formula of business success and ensuring your team then has access to this web based system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from anywhere in the world. You are now beginning to lay the platform of expansionary strategies that allows your business to operate worldwide

This is excellent systemisation and when you look at the multitude of success businesses, franchise systems, corporations, self-made entrepreneurs globally; you begin to understand that successful expansion is an extension of how well a business has been systemised.

And finally, imagine this:

Ø Not only you as the business owner, CEO or Director have the power to pick up your iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone, Laptop or other mobile device, but key drivers and managers of your business also have the ability to access, form anywhere in the world, the information that tells you (them) how your business (or their department) is tracking ….. right now!

Ø Imagine like a cockpit in an aeroplane you have at your disposal a Dashboard that lays out all your absolute key performance indicators; they indicate to you where performance is excelling or where it requires attention. No longer will you be guessing what you should do next; now you have theB information, the tools, the indicators that allow you to make informed, strategic and very importantly, timely decisions that keeps your business focused on its objectives and actual results

If you can imagine this and if this level of sophisticated but actually very simple business management is something that you strive to achieve in your business …….. knowing that your probability of success is ultimately expanded as the result of Structure, Systems and Measurement …….. then do not hesitate to post your inquiry or call us directly.

Let’s discuss in strict confidence your organisations needs and discover if ENACT is able to assist you.