Business Leadership

The purpose of the Leadership Meeting is to ensure that the structure, systems and measurement that have been established in the business are not wasted. It provides a dedicated time for the key decision makers of the business to analyse immediate past performance, results of strategies undertaken, tracking of year to date performance, identification of scheduled activities and the ability to respond proactively to new issues that arise in the evolution of a growing business.

Business Leadership Meeting Benefits

Clients who participate in the ENACT Leadership Meeting format have described the benefits as:


  • The discipline of having to prepare and analyse the financials and management reports
  • Having a professional who knows and understands their business present to assist in interpreting the business and financial data
  • Being able to call their Business Architect outside of meeting times for short discussions on business issues
  • Having a dedicated time to actually focus on the business’s performance and how well the business plan is being implemented.


How does the Business Leadership Meeting Work?

Each month your Business Architect will forward to you an agenda for the scheduled Leadership Meeting. The agenda has been designed to provide up to 3 hours of allocated time for specific focus on each area of the business. Your Business Architect acts as Chair of the meeting and will also minute summaries of what is discussed but most importantly, note any specific actions that are determined in the meeting, who is responsible for completing the actions and by when.

The minutes will be documented and distributed by your Business Architect to all attendees within 5 working days of the meeting.


Example of Business Leadership Meeting Agenda

Clients who participate in the ENACT Leadership Meeting format have described the benefits as:

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
  2. Financial Reports – Profit and Loss | Balance Sheet | Cash flow Report
  3. KPI Report
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Production
  7. HRM
  8. General Business
  9. Check off Business Planning Tasks
  10. Set date and time for next meeting


What to do now?

The answer is simple; contact your Business Architect and confirm your intention to participate in the ENACT Leadership Meetings Program. Your Business Architect will then ask you to sign a purchase order for the next 6 months and set a time and date for your first meeting. They will also brief you about preparing for the first meeting.

What if my business has not completed the ENACT Blueprint Program?

Some businesses may have already invested a considerable amount of time & resources in developing structure, systems & measurement, but wish to access an external professional to enhance their monthly performance reviews. If this is the case for your business, simply contact us and we will arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss your needs.