Business Consulting Services

Many small business owners have applied our proven formula for success to develop the Structures, Systems and Measurement in their business and to:

  • Achieve or exceed their turnover and profit goals
  • Take control of their business and chart a clear direction for their business
  • Motivate and enable their staff to support their strategies and perform effectively
  • Have more time off with friends and family
  • Easily measure performance in various parts of their business so that they can
  • identify how to improve their business practices and achieve their profit targets

We assist our clients to achieve these outcomes through service programs including:

ENACT Business Performance Audit

This program will give you a clear and objective perspective on the current performance of your business and a range of practical strategies to improve that performance. The audit will be facilitated by a qualified and experienced Business Architect and audit findings will be provided in a comprehensive report that gives recommendations for improvement strategies in key business areas including Business Planning, Marketing, Production and Human Resource Management. 

ENACT Business Blueprint Program

This three-month intensive program will assist you to purpose-build your business and to develop business capabilities relating to Business Planning, Key Performance Indicators, Financial Management, Management Reporting and Administration Systems, these being the key foundations for any successful small business.

ENACT Leadership Meeting Program

This program will give you a structured monthly discipline to work with your Business Architect as a sounding board for you and your management team. Each monthly meeting follows a structured process where you review the recent performance of your business and the outcomes of your business improvement strategies and where you develop proactive strategies to respond to any new issues that arise in the evolution of your business.