Automated Phone Verification

Automated Phone Verification


  • Phone Verification
  • Reverse Phone Verification
  • Prevent spam bots
  • Integration with your application
  • Integration with your database
  • Australian based company – Brisbane

Key features

  • Call in Phone Verification / Security code announcement
  • Call out Phone Verification / Security code announcement
  • Integration Support Interface (WCF / REST)
  • Built in Text to Speech
  • Fully customisable for your requirements

Phone Verification – How does it work

Automated Phone Verification

  1. Your Application tells Automated Phone Verification (APV) who to call and what security code to verify
  2. Automated Phone Verification System calls user to inform security code
  3. User enters security code to your application

The best way to make sure your visitor’s phone number is correct is to verify it. Automated Phone Verification is the most advanced method to help you to verify your user’s phone number. We call user on provided phone number, and give him/she security code to put on your web form or application form for verifying their provided phone number is correct.

Reverse Phone Verification

Automated Phone Reverse Verification

  1. Your Application tell Automated Phone Verification (APV) System who to call and security code
  2. Your Application display security code to your user
  3. Automated Phone Verification system calls your user and ask for security code
  4. Automated Phone Verification system sends back the matching result to your application

Typical Workflow for Phone Number Verification

Automated Phone Verification workflow

Use cases

  • User Verification
  • Phone Confirmation
  • Secure Password
  • Lead Verification
  • Secured Account Access
  • Fraud Prevention