Time Tracking System – Features

Any phone / mobile phone works

Off-site time tracking & attendance for staff is best handled via Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This is actually method and the technology utilized by Officelinks Time Tracking System. IVR works together with mobile phone or any phone. No matter old or new phone, any brand or type model.

IVR is cheaper and easier to use compare with using smartphones and tablets. Though tablets and smartphones are not cheap and demand a monthly data plan, Officelinks feels they are appropriate for supervisors who desire a graphic program to do tasks including time-sheet review / approval employee and staff scheduling.


Easy to use – Take no more than 5 minutes to learn, Type Ahead

Users become accustom after a short period of time. With type ahead, they could make their choice and enter data in advance. In fact, it’s not unusual for users to know in advance several steps in a sequence and they type ahead accordingly.

Users don’ t need training. Users are mechanically directed through the call dialogs menu’s, prompts, and messages. If users make a mistake, self-revealing help “pops up” and instructs them on how best to make their choice or perform data entry. A good example of this is the format for date entry “enter the date in DD:MM order, for example, 28th July is 2807”.


Shift Start/End

Likewise to traditional time clocks, exceedingly early clock-in can be disallowed.

Workers that clock-out past their scheduled shift may be presented an advisory message requesting they strive to finish their shift on a timelier basis in the future.

Some states and areas require companies give the absolute minimum break period. Employees can be disallowed from returning from break before the minimum break interval, to ensure compliance.


Skip Meal, Meal Taken, Skip Break

In case time is automatically deducted by your organization, the Skip Meal or Skip Break feature can be utilized to reverse the automatic deduction.

Some states and regions require workers declare they failed to take their meal break each day or took their meal. This feature is invoked upon clock-out. Upon clock-out, they are asked “”did you take your meal”” and the entry is recorded accordingly.


Manual HH:MM entry, Time Entry Timestamp, Elapsed Time

Officelinks Time Collection System (TCS) may be configured to handle time entry in three primary ways. As a result,  your call dialog works the way you need.

The Time Clock application virtually constantly applies a “timestamp” style of time entry. It establishes the worker’s local time via time zone and daylight saving time data in every employee record. Officelinks Time Tracking System (TTS) can manage employees worldwide, including bookkeeping for the shift from day standard time to daylight saving time and vice versa, which happens on various dates in distinct areas of the whole world.

In case you have to gather the end and beginning time of tasks, HH:MM entry can be used. This is known as “after the fact” time collection.


Integration with Time & Attendance System

Officelinks Time Tracking System (TTS) can integrate with other time and attendance system.

The Officelinks data interface can be used to integrate with your system. Our system can offer following integration interface but not limited to

  • SOAP,
  • REST,
  • WCF

Because of this, functions and each of the features of your time & attendance system can be leveraged.