Auto Dialer Service Can Save Your Time In Following Areas

Lead Generation

Traditional mechanisms of telemarketing have become redundant. Labour costs, communication costs, infrastructure costs coupled with an abundance of marketing messages from a multitude of mediums has created an opportunity to:

  • Get to your market quicker
  • State your value proposition directly
  • Allow the consumer to be in control to specifically request further information

While the auto dialer is not for every product or service, there are certain products and services where it excels in providing business with a rapid means of collecting “positive responses” from those who have heard a short, highly succinct message by requesting the respondent to press 1.

Examples of products and services include:

  • Solar
  • Energy Company Leads
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Pest Control
  • Insurance Leads

Telephone Survey

Do you need to know more about the demographics and/or psychographics of Australian households?

The auto-dialler can provide you with well qualified sample data instantly. For most survey’s, simply getting to the household, eliciting non-bias responses, then collecting and collating data can be highly expensive and require enormous human resources. Even online surveys are reliant on a hit and miss strategy in the hope that households will find your survey questionnaire.

No longer is this necessary.

The auto-dialer has the ability to contact 6000 households within one day. With smart design of your questionnaire, enticing incentives for households to respond, the auto-dialer can provide you with instant responses. Collection and collation of the data in a format of your choice is totally automated, giving your marketing team the ability to invest its resources into the assessment and interpretation of survey results.


Debt Collection Services

How many employees do you need to contact your debtors to remind them of outstanding payments?

The auto-dialer provides an automated effective means of rapidly communicating to thousands of late payers, literally within hours. With a simple uploading of daily contact lists to your secure platform, enables your business to instantly contact your debtors to alert them to a late payment schedule. The respondent is then required to use a hierarchy of responses to indicate:

  1. If they have already made the payment
  2. If they are able to make the payment within the next 5 days
  3. If they are able to make the payment within the next 14 days
  4. The need for the respondent to discuss terms with a consultant

Your debt collecting team now focuses on the truly troubled segment with the auto-dialer being an effective means of eliciting real action from those debtors who are a minimal risk; massively reducing your labour costs.

All of this of course, truly automated from calls, to messages, to the recording of responses.


Event and Political Promotions

The auto-dialer provides an effective and efficient means of getting your message out quickly.

If you have an important event, a political message or an up and coming seminar to promote, then the auto-dialer will allow you to communicate this message instantly. With the ability to contact up to 60,000 households in a matter of days, your event or promotional message can be delivered right to the residents within your defined geographic target area.

Your Next Step

In all cases of how you might consider utilising this ground breaking technology, our team is well versed and experienced in assisting you in designing a campaign that produces results.

We will work with you to understand your needs, your unique selling proposition and your target market; specifically understanding the results you want to achieve.

Simply contact us to arrange an initial consultation where the team at ENACT ICT will begin a process to learn about your needs and design a tailor made solution and begin the transformation to new technology that gives you rapid, effective and cost efficient results.